Get To Your Coins

Screenshot_20170523-204200I recently had the opportunity to apply for a position within the company I am currently working for through my subcontract.  A coworker resigned and I took it as my chance to shoot my shot and make some extra money.  Fast forward a couple of weeks, I get to my interview and afterwards, I called my cousin and I’m not feeling super confident about it.  Don’t get me wrong, I felt like I answered all of their questions to the best of my ability but it’s a little harder bullshitting people you work for already.  They know what type of work you are doing, possibly the work you are capable of and they weren’t afraid to call me out.  My supervisor and director pushed me to answer challenging questions and reflect on myself as far as areas of improvement etc. and it just made things a little harder.  I welcomed and embraced the challenge, however, it was a unique interview in that aspect.

 My interview was about 40 minutes long and I got a call about 40 min later offering me the position.  It was honestly just crazy fast.  I felt like it didn’t give me a chance to process and truly evaluate whether or not this was the best move.  I was still analyzing how the interview went and debriefing with my cousin about it when they were calling me with a job offer!  When I received the call from H.R, one of the questions she had asked was how much was I currently making.  I answered honestly which, in hindsight, I feel was not the right thing to do lol.  She called me back with an offer and it was NOWHERE near what I anticipated given the immense amount of work that goes into this position along with my credentials.  Long story short, I was like nahhh b Lmao, well not in those words but I had to respectfully decline (in my social worker voice) because I know my worth and the amount of things I would be responsible for.  It honestly did not amount to the coins that they were offering.

 One of the reasons why I felt like it was important to blog about this is because statistically as females, we do not speak up and advocate for ourselves when it comes to salary offers.  We are ignorant to and sometimes ill equipped when it comes to negotiating what we are worth.  I am no expert in the field of negotiation but I have done some research and learned that it is important to take into account how important your role is in a company, your experience, your academics etc. before asking for a crazy amount of cash.  This experience was so amazing to me because it was something that I had never done before, I learned so much about myself in the process and it made me want to learn more and better myself professionally so that when I am asking for a salary, there is no argument about whether or not I deserve it.  So I say all of that to say, get your coins’ ladies.  Men and laws are not the only reason we are making less in the workplace.  That same mouth you use to talk about RHOA, Love and Hip Hop and Scandal, you have to use to get your coins when you know you’re worth baby girl!  Thanks for following, sharing and subscribing.


4 thoughts on “Get To Your Coins

  1. Soncheray Hall says:

    this is so true!!!!! good for you for turning that thang down! knowing our worth is so important. we don’t have to take every opportunity that comes our way, especially when we already have a job. Having a job while we are looking al ways leaves us with options! I bet if felt good to say “no thank you..” your time will come honey keep up the great work! I also love how much you reflected on yourself as a professional. So important!! Absolutely love this.


  2. Patrice says:

    I do agree with you but I also know the value in opportunity. You have to crawl- gain experience before you walk and you will eventually run. I am an example of this.


  3. B says:

    So FREAKING proud of you for knowing what you deserve and not accepting anything less.
    Cheers to getting coins, and knowing your worth!!! Also cheers to the fact that you were offered the position!


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