It’s the Little Things

(Warning: Sappy Post Alert)

The holidays are over and I have had so much time to reflect and truly just realize how blessed I really am.  I recently moved (YAY!!!) and when I tell you guys, it was one of the most stressful moves ever.  This was my first big girl apartment and I had never moved from one apartment to the other before so I learned a few things lol and really was able to see how many amazing people in my life who wanted nothing more than for it to be a smooth transition and help me in ANY way they could.

I’ve just really been in my feelings lately about how great my support system is even when I would like to be down on myself about something, they won’t allow it.  Whether it’s calling me and having me dying laughing on the phone, helping me financially, emotionally, physically (lifting boxes and dressers chileee), doing nothing with me, It has just been awesome and I am so overfilled with love.  Some of them don’t even know how much of an impact their gestures make in my life.  You all know who you are so no need to call you out but I love you guys sooooo much.

Thanksgiving, I was able to make my way to my second home, Atlanta, to spend some much needed time with cousins and aunties and uncles and my dad.  It was the most fun I have had on thanksgiving in a while.  When I sit back and look at my family, I can legit see myself.  My cousins are so driven and outgoing and risk takers who are also fun loving and silly.  My aunts are pouring up shots LOL and twerking! It was literally everything I needed.  I was also able to go to one of my favorite spots, ZAXBY’S with one of my old classmates turned life-long friend and I swear it made me feel rejuvenated.  That banana pudding milkshake plus girl talk and catching up was so appreciated.  Especially, since I left my debit card in my purse from the night before and had no money HAHA, thank you girl!  No, but seriously, I have decided an annual trip to Atlanta is a must for me because I honestly feel like even though, it’s not where I am from, I get homesick and miss it there.

15107372_10100499587559746_2382361066092797226_n15203149_1820788824844432_2032305321088338167_nChristmas, I spent some time at my brother’s with his girlfriend, my mom and nephew, which is always a good time.  This was also the first year I attempted to make Christmas dinner for my mom and I and when I asked her if the food was good she told me, “I ain’t talking, if people are talking when you give them their plate, then the food is nasty”.  It was fun hanging and watching movies and spending quality time.  I also made my way up route 6 and spent some time with my other family.  It’s always a pleasure when I link up with them because you can always feel the love in their home.  As my friend would say, the vibes are right.  Whenever you walk through their front door it feels like a figurative blanket is wrapped around you LOL, I don’t know how to describe it but I love all of them dearly.  We played the “university of dope” game which I highly recommend, it was super fun and unlike any game I have ever played, not to mention the creators are black and if we can give our money to the parker brothers, I don’t see why we shouldn’t support the ones who actually look like us, I digress.

New Year’s Eve, I was able to watch my beautiful cousin walk down the aisle and celebrate the love she shares between God, her and her husband.  She is actually the cousin who inspired me to go to the college I went to and to get into the field of social work so it was definitely amazing to see her looking so happy on her special day.  I also got to spend time with my other extended family to ring in the New Year.  We ate, drank, and just had that lowkey fun that I loveeee.  That fun that doesn’t require you to put heels on and get your nails done, you can just hang because you’re with family.  Seriously, I just have to thank God for the people he has placed in my life because they are all so loved and appreciated.


Moral of the story is, if you have people in your life who are always there for you, please make sure you take some time to tell them how much you value them.  You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to show someone that you see how down for you they are and that you love them.  Maybe call or send a text, invite them over for breakfast at your place, anything.  I promise you, the small things go a long way.  Happy New Year to all of you and I hope that you set goals, crush them and celebrate the ones you love while you can.  Thank you all for reading, please subscribe, share, and comment!!


Young Broke Social Worker


3 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things

  1. Danielle Abrams says:

    Very well written Ebony! Normally I dont read or comment on these post, but I will make an exception. You may use the tag line of young broke social worker, but you are definitely rich in your heart along with a good understanding of life. May you continue on this beautiful journey and get rich along the way! 👍😊

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