Food Around the World Part Four

Now, I tried this a while ago so let me Thai to remember, see what I did there?  You guessed it, I had Thai food from a local restaurant called “The Blue Elephant Trail” and I have gone back about two times since the original visit which is self explanatory.  Whenever I am trying somewhere new, I like to ask what the waiter/ waitress recommends.  Their knowledge of the menu and suggestions contribute to my experience.  For an appetizer we ordered this medley of mussels and calamari that tasted really good.  We also had an order of wings and egg rolls which did not disappoint.

This restaurant had cute little designed elephants all over for decor and a print on the walls that sort of reminded me of a Vera Bradley bag.  I loved the colors and vibe in this place.  There was also a bar that was separate from the dining area which I liked.  I am not sure if they have a good happy hour or not, but that is something that I will be looking into when I go back.  This was one place that I could add to my list of regularly visited spots because I liked it that much.

For my entree, I had a shrimp, rice, cashews with onions and peppers for flavor in half of a pineapple.  The pineapple was my favorite part.  The food was really good, but the pineapple just made me feel like I was on vacation and we all know how much I prefer to be on vacation.  This restaurant also has outdoor seating but I have yet to go when the weather was nice out so I will be returning.  Next up on my food around the world is Cuba!  Thanks for reading, don’t forget to leave comments, follow, subscribe and share with a friend!




2 thoughts on “Food Around the World Part Four

  1. Soncheray says:

    food, cashews and a pineapple?? okay!! Thanks for sharing this experience! You and your new organization should host a trip…maybe start another chapter in another idk..Baltimore (lol) I would be down lmao! love you


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