Serendipity and Brunching

Serendipity, the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way according to This was the only way to describe my past weekend.  I had such a fun filled weekend of nothing but amazingness all wrapped up in one.  I truly believe that I was Dora the Explorer in a former life, the black version of course.

First, I had brunch and mimosas at Brio with my soul sista.  We sat and talked and caught up on life.  As I am getting older, I am finding these types of interactions to be so important.  Those moments when you are not thinking about if you have a booger in your nose or if you are being loud and cackling, you can just truly be yourself because you know you’re in a safe place with your girl.  The weather was beautiful so after walking off that french toast that I do not regret, we sat outside on the bench for a bit soaking up the rays and people watching.


Afterwards, we decided to go see Barbershop 3 and it was definitely a must see.  It was in tune with current events as far as touching on the substantial amount of violence occurring in our communities, specifically Chicago.  Even though a non laughing matter was one of the main focal points, it was a hilarious movie.  By the end, I wanted to cut Nicki Minaj, steal Eve’s husband and whoop Ice Cube’s son.  It’s not a Redbox for those of you who planned on waiting to see it, it’s worth the money.


Another day this weekend, I was picking a friend up from JFK airport and had some time to kill, so I decided to brunch on a solo mission in Norwalk.  Brunch is clearly my thing if you haven’t noticed.  So I googled a few places and settled on a place called Mama’s Boy in South Norwalk.  Now, being from Hartford, I’ve driven through Norwalk, but I’ve never explored it or even been to a bar there.  This was a true adventure, thank God for smartphones.  The weather was still beautiful so I opted to dine outside (guilty pleasure).  This restaurant had cute little mason jars for water or sweet tea.  They had $19 bottomless mimosas and a pretty decent brunch menu.  I ordered the shrimp and grits, which was flavorful, however, the grits were a bit too gritty for me.  I would definitely try this place again and choose an alternative option.


SONO, is what they call the area or South Norwalk, and it was right by the water and next to the aquarium.  It was a really cute place where you can bring the kids or go with your girls or the boo.  They had a little bit of something for everyone and on Sundays, the parking is free.

Simply because I was not excited for my weekend to end, I squeezed in one more brunch early Monday morning before my first meeting.  I have been wanting to try Blue Plate Kitchen in West Hartford and I always see it but never go inside.  Monday I get there minutes before brunch is about to turn into full on lunch and place my order.  I kept it simple since I was not interested in anymore gritty grits LOL and I got a waffle and a water.  Snapchat-9174943795128926225


So yes, serendipity.  I simply did not want this weekend to end.  I was able to spend time with my soul sista and also time with myself.  I have gotten so used to spending time with me, sometimes it is scary because when other people invite themselves to my plans, I’m almost cringing.  I love being alone with my own thoughts and indulging.  It’s an amazing feeling but that’s a discussion for another day.  I hope you guys will check into some of these restaurants that I was able to experience this weekend.

As always, love, peace and hair grease!  Kidding.  Thank you all for following, You can subscribe below by entering your email, I promise I won’t flood you, comment and share!!!





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