Food Around The World Part Three

Next up on the journey around the world is…INDIA!!! This had to be one of my top food around the world restaurants.  First let me just acknowledge how fortunate Americans are to be able to eat so many different types of foods from an array of various cultures right in our own backyards.  I opted for the Taste of India restaurant in West Hartford, approximately 9 minutes away from my home, which is an automatic positive for me.

20160418_114300 (1)

The lighting was very warm and welcoming.  There was not an overwhelming abundance of Indian themed decor, it was very simple, but I was not interested in eating the pillows and curtains.  The food was amazing.  Disclaimer, I love spicy food and even with that, I was not sure how I would like all of the spices, however, much to my surprise, none of the flavors were overwhelming.


My friends and I always try to order an array of different foods so that we can try a little bit of everything so forgive me if I don’t remember all of the dishes.  It’s interesting to see how from one culture to the next, given the same ingredients, the difference in the dish.  Specifically, the curry chicken.  Everything was so flavorful and tasty, I could eat Indian food once a week, it was so good.  There was also a dish that had shrimp, pork and beef that this cute couple next to us ordered and it caught our attention, which was my personal favorite.  It had the biggest shrimp you ever did see! We also ordered this bread called Naan which is an oven-baked flat bread.

The couple next to us happened to be from Ghana and my friends and I have all traveled there so we talked to them a little about where they were from and how we were all interested in returning for another visit.  The tables were fairly close together so it was not hard to spark a conversation with strangers (which I love to do FYI). All in all, this restaurant was nice and the food was marvelous and nourishing, I was full until lunch time the next day.

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