And Then It Comes To Me, Like An Epiphany

This past Good Friday,  I attended the B.B King Blues Club and Grill in NYC to see the Grammy award winning singer, Chrisette Michele.  When I tell you guys she put on an amazing show, it is an understatement.  She killed her performance and made me fall in love with her voice all over again.

Now, prior to going, I knew she had the range of preacher’s daughter LOL, but I think the quaint intimacy of this club amplified it.  As my friend and I walked inside, we went down a number of stairs to get to the area where the performance would be held.  We actually had standing tickets so we opted to stand by the bar, future reference, I would definitely be investing in a table because my feet were killing me!

This was a pre-album release concert so Chrisette did a few of her new songs that I hadn’t heard as well as some of her oldies that remained in heavy rotation in my college days.  There is something about live music that makes it all the more real.  This is definitely a location that I would love to go back to, to hear some of my other favorites like Elle Varner, Lauryn Hill, Jazmine Sullivan, to name a few.  All of these women have vocals that I wouldn’t mind listening to A Capella and B.B King’s is the perfect spot for me to feel like they are singing directly to me.


In young broke social work fashion, this day trip was highly affordable.  The tickets were about $65.00.  Parking with validation from B.B King’s was $25 total.  Unfortunately, the weather was not permitting so we did not head there early enough to eat lunch before the show. To all of my true music lovers, I hope you all will check out their website for upcoming shows and experience it for yourself!


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