Food Around the World Part Two

As promised, I told you that I would be going to an Afghanistan restaurant in my area and I would give you all my honest opinion.

First let me say, the atmosphere was pretty cool.  There were fake camels everywhere you looked, we had to walk upstairs to get to the dining area.  Once we got upstairs, we were greeted by the sweetest waitress.  She was so tiny and cute lol, she was recently married and talked to us about how she refused to cook for her husband because she couldn’t cook so they ate at the Shish Kebab House of Afghanistan frequently.  Nevertheless, she was very down to earth.  My friends and I inquired about the menu and she made her suggestions based off of what we told her we liked.

We were brought a flatbread that was warm to perfection.  I have a very weak spot for bread in general but this bread was so warm and yummy.  The butter melted almost immediately.  20160122_205110We ordered the mantoo for an appetizer, which is steamed dumplings stuffed with meat and onions and topped with a yogurt sauce.  Now, in my mind, I pictured dumplings the way Jamaicans cook them (that’s what I am used to), these were not that!  They were okay in flavor but did not leave a lasting memory to say the least.

For my entree, I had the leg of lamb kebab which came with spinach rice and I had the options of pumpkin, eggplant, mushrooms, potatoes or spinach.  I was in a daring mood and decided to go with the eggplant, the absolute WORST decision ever.  Now the lamb was very flavorful and tasty, I thoroughly enjoyed that.  Call me crazy but the spinach rice tasted like it was once really good and then someone decided to take a cigarette break while cooking the rice.  It had to have been cooked with a dash of Marlboro Lights, hahahah, there was the cigarette-y taste that stopped me from enjoying the otherwise very flavorful rice.  No one else seemed to notice but, I felt like it tasted like cigarettes, keeping in mind that there is a hookah lounge located inside of this restaurant and these flavors could have been a mental thing, but trust me, it wasn’t!

Now onto this eggplant,  Two words,  Yuck Fest!  Let me be honest, I have never had eggplant in my life.  I told you guys I was being daring, wrong move.  This was the nastiest texture I have ever tasted in my life.  It was soft but not soft, the skin on the outside was rubbery and strange.  I felt like it wasn’t something I was supposed to be eating.  It tasted like something you feed a dolphin (maybe I am being dramatic) lol,  I can almost taste the horrible after taste as I am describing it to you.  It was really gross, basically is what I am getting at!  Oh, and everything was covered in this yogurt sauce so that must be a part of their everyday recipes.  This dish was not appetizing at all.


Overall, I thought this restaurant had an amazing atmosphere.  There was even an area were you could sit on the floor and eat which I thought was pretty neat.  The food, in my opinion, was gross.  I never really had a desire to travel to Afghanistan but if the food was going to change my mind, it didn’t.

I did however, have an amazing time with my friends.  These girls are so fun loving and we have been enjoying these food around the world adventures, so definitely stay tuned for more to come.  Next up, India!!!

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